Adding Tables to the Physical Schemata

Double-clicking the Add table icon in the Physical Schemata section of the MySQL Model page adds a table with the default name of table1. If a table with this name already exists, the new table is named table2.

Adding a new table automatically opens the table editor docked at the bottom of the application. For information about using the table editor, see Section 8.1.11, “The MySQL Table Editor”.

Right-clicking a table opens a context menu with the following items:

If the table editor is not open, the Edit Table... item opens it. If it is already open, the selected table replaces the previous one. Edit in New Tab... opens an additional table editor tab.

Any tables added to the Physical Schemata section also show up in the Catalog palette on the right side of the application. They may be added to an EER Diagram by dragging and dropping them from this palette.