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backup, performing a successful backup, 2.4.7


character code pages, setting up a database instance for, 2.2.1
code page environment, understanding table types, 2.3.3
code pages
describing ASCII and EBCIDIC code page character sets, 2.6
selecting environment, 2.3.5
compare environments
describing for Content Builder, 2.3.3
describing table types, 2.3.2
Content Builder
describing compare environments, 2.3.3
using the delta process to track English source changes, 2.5.5
Create and Compare and Code Page Environment form, 2.2.6


data dictionary tables, copying data from a prior release, 2.3.1
Data Source Revisions form, 2.2.3
data, copying from a prior release, 2.3.5
database instance
setting up, 2.2.3
understanding, 2.2.1
Delta Constants form, 2.4.10
delta process
adding EnterpriseOne translation tables to the delta process, 2.4.3
checking delete status with text records, 2.5.4
copying environments, 2.2.5
editing the language master, 2.3.6
modifying OCM mappings, 2.2.6
performing prerequisite tasks before running for the first time, 2.1.1
purging and rebuild delta tables, 2.5.3
revising EnterpriseOne translation tables included in the delta process, 2.4.4
running, 2.4.5
running for the first time, 2.3.6
running the Delta Process, 2.4.6
running the translation compare status report, 2.4.9
setting up for each release, 2.1.1
standard procedures for running the delta process,
tracking the status, 2.4.9
understanding, 2.1
understanding the delta process, 2.4.1
using preview, 2.4.10
viewing the progress of the delta process, 2.4.7
working with advanced options, 2.5.1
working with the translation tables, 2.4.1
Delta Table Inclusion form, 2.4.3, 2.4.4


EnterpriseOne Translation tables, overview, 2
adding, 2.2.4
compare environments, 2.3.2
copying, 2.2.5
creating language environments, 2.2.6
defining in processing options, 2.3.5
delta source environment, 2.4.3
describing language groups, 2.2.1
selecting the language environment path code, 2.2.6
using EnterpriseOne Translation Tools to create, 2.2.6
verifying delta source and destination, 2.4.6


FDA Spec Conversion, 2.5.6
FDA tables, updating with translated text, 2.5.7
FDA, creating non-BLOB specifications, 2.5.6
Form Design Aid tables, updating with translated text, 2.5.7


jdedebug.log, using to identify process errors,
jde.log, using to follow progress and identify errors, 2.4.8


language master
editing, 2.3.6
language records, purging and rebuilding, 2.5.3


Machine Search & Select form, 2.2.3


non-BLOB specifications, creating for FDA, 2.5.6


Object Configuration Manager table, mapping, 2.3.5
Object Mapping Revisions form, 2.2.4
OCM mappings
modifying, 2.2.5, 2.2.6
verifying source and target,


preview, using, 2.4.10
purge process, purging language records, 2.5.3


RDA tables, updating with translated text, 2.5.7
rebuild process
process, 2.5.3
rebuilding language records, 2.5.3
Report Design Aid tables, updating with translated text, 2.5.7
Report Output Destination form, 2.2.6


security, adding for users, 2.2.8
status record problems, fixing, 2.5.4
System Code Status Record Update, 2.4.6
system code tables, F9200 Data Dictionary Master and F9001 Task Relationships, 2.4.6


table conversions, copying tables from a prior release, 2.3.1
describing compare environments for Content Builder, 2.3.3
describing types for code page environments, 2.3.3
describing types for compare environments, 2.3.2
translation compare environment tables, 2.3.2
Translation Preferences form, 2.2.7
Translation Tools Language Master form, 2.3.6


Universal Table Browser, verifying data sources and tables,
User Profile Revisions form, 2.2.7
user profiles
setting up, 2.2.7
setting up a translators preference, 2.2.7
user security, adding, 2.2.8


Version Prompting form, 2.2.6


Work With Batch Versions - Available Versions form, 2.2.6, 2.3.5, 2.5.7
Work With Data Sources form, 2.2.3
Work with Delta Table Inclusions form, 2.4.3, 2.4.3, 2.4.4, 2.4.10
Work With Environments form, 2.2.5
Work With Object Mappings form, 2.2.4, 2.2.4
Work With User Security form, 2.2.8
Work With User/Role Profiles form, 2.2.7