12 Quick Reference for Product Codes

This chapter contains the following topics:

12.1 Understanding JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Product Codes

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne assigns each group of its software products to a system. Each system contains forms, data files, reports, programs, and other objects that are designed for a specific business need. Every software product within a system has a product code. For complex business situations, you might use several systems to achieve a comprehensive solution.

12.2 Product Codes

This table displays some of the product codes for JD Edwards verticals and their systems. For an up-to-date and comprehensive list, see user defined code (98/SY).

Product Code Description
00 Foundation Environment
01 Address Book
02 Electronic Mail
03 Accounts Receivable
03B Enhanced Accounts Receivable
03C Issue Management System
0301 Credit Management
04 Accounts Payable
05 Time Accounting/HRM Base
05A JD Edwards HR & PR Foundation
05C JD Edwards HR & PR Foundation - Canadian
05T Time Entry
05U JD Edwards HR & PR Foundation - US
06 Payroll
07 Payroll
07S Payroll SUI
07Y US Payroll Year End
08 Human Resources
08B Benefits Administration
08C JD Edwards HR Canadian
08H Health and Safety
08P Position Control
08R Recruitment Management
08U JD Edwards HR - US
08W Wage and Salary
09 General Accounting
09E Expense Management (EMS)
10 Financial Reporting
10C Multi-Site Consolidations
11 Multi-Currency/Euro
11C Cash Basis
12 Fixed Assets
13 Equipment Plant Management
14 Modeling, Planning, Budgeting
15 Property Management
16 Profit Management (EPS)
17 Customer Service Management System
17A Ariba Integration
17C Call Management (part of CSMS)
17X Travel & Expense Mgt Powered by Extensity
18 Time Management
19 Utility CIS
20 Energy base
21 Lease Management
2101 MTI Electrical Distribution
22 Production
23 Revenue Distribution
24 Gas Contracts
25 Joint Interest Billing
26 Gas Balancing
27 Investor Services
29 AFE Accounting
30 Product Data Management
30A Product Costing
3010 Process Data Management
31 Shop Floor Management
31A Manufacturing Accounting
3110 Process Control
32 Sales Configurator
32C CustomWorks Configurator
33 Capacity Planning
34 Requirements Planning
34A Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)
35 Enterprise Facility Planning
36 Forecasting
37 Quality Management
38 Agreement Management
39 Advanced Stock Valuation
40 Inventory/OP Base
4010 Advanced Price Adjustment
41 Inventory Management
41B Bulk Stock Management
42 Sales Management
42A Lead Opportunity Management
42B Sales Order Entry
42E ECS Sales Management
43 Procurement
44 Subcontract Management
44H Homebuilder Management
4401 Homebuilder Management
45 Advanced Pricing
46 Warehouse Management
47 Electronic Commerce
48 Work Order Processing
48S Service Billing
49 Transportation Management
50 Job Cost Base
51 Job Costing (Job Cost Accounting)
52 Contract Billing
53 Change Management
55-59 Reserved for Clients
60-69 Reserved for Custom
70 Multi-National Products
71 Client Server Applications
72 WorldVision
73 M&D Complementary Products
74 EMEA Localization
74H Hungary
74I Ireland
74L Portugal
74M Denmark Localization
74N Nordics Localization
74O Norway Localization
74P Poland Localization
74R Russian
74S Spain Localization
74T Turkey
74W Sweden Localization
74Z Czech Republic
75 ASEAN Localization
75A Australian Payroll
75C China
75H Thailand Localization
75I India
75K Korea Localization
75N New Zealand
75T Taiwan Localization
75Z New Zealand Localization
76 Latin American Localization
76A Argentina Localization
76B Brazil
76C Columbia Localization
76H Chile Localization
76M Payroll (Mexico)
76P Peru Localization
76V Venezuela Localization
77 Canadian Payroll
77Y Canada Payroll Year End
79 Translation Tools
80 Business Intelligence
81 DREAM Writer (JD Edwards World software only)
82 JD Edwards World Writer
83 Management Reporting - FASTR
84 Distributive Data Processing
85 Custom Programming
86 Electronic Doc. Interchange
87 Internal
88 Cautious Purge System
89 Conversion Programs
91 Documentation
92 Computer Assisted Design
93 Computer Assisted Programming
94 Security Officer
95 Sleeper
96 Computer Operations
97 Software Installation
98 Technical Tools
98E Electronic Burst and Bind
98FT Form Type
98SA Sample Application
99 Technical Tools-Internal
99D Technical Tools-DASD Sizer (reporting syst. only)
99M Technical Tools-Masters/Update (reporting syst. only)
D3N dcLINK (data collection)
H00 Foundation (UDC only)
H01 Address Book (incl. ALL mail)
H03 Accounts Receivable
H03B New Accounts Receivable
H04 Accounts Payable
H05 Standalone Time Accounting
H07 Payroll
H08 Human Resources
H09 General Accounting
H12 Fixed Assets
H13 Plant/Equipment Mgmt
H15 Commercial Property Management
H30 Product Data Management
H301 Process Data Management
H31 Shop Floor Management
H311 Process Control
H32 Configuration Management
H33 Capacity Requirements Planning
H35 Enterprise Facility Planning
H36 Advanced Forecasting
H40 Inventory/OP Base
H41 Inventory Management
H415 Bulk Inventory Management
H42 Sales Order Processing
H43 Procurement
H44 Contract Management
H44H Homebuilder Management
H45 Sales Analysis
H46 Warehouse Management
H50 Job Cost Base
H72 Client/Server Base
H73 Client Service - A/P Voucher Entry
H74 CS - Pay Time Entry
H75 CS - Sales Order Entry
H76 CS - Training & Development
H78 CS - Travel Expense Management
H79 Translation Tools
H90 JD Edwards Tools
H91 Design Tools
H92 Interactive Engine / OL
H93 Data Base and Communications
H94 Batch Engine
H95 Technical Resources/Applications
H96 Deployment
H97 Automated Testing Tools
H98 Internet
H99 Product Version Control
H99P Technical Tools-OWPVC Internal
JE42 Sales Order/Pricing (ECS Enhancements)
JE44 Distribution Contracts (ECS Enhancements)
JE48 Automated Gantry Inter. (ECS Enhancements)