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Table of Contents

Oracle Tuxedo/Oracle Exalogic Environment Deployment Guide
Oracle Tuxedo Enterprise Deployment Overview
What is Enterprise Deployment?
Benefits of Oracle Recommendations
High Availability
Application Isolation
Overview of Oracle Exalogic Configured Environment
Sun ZFS Storage 7320 Appliance
Oracle Software
Enterprise Deployment Reference Topology
Horizontal Slicing Within an Exalogic Machine
Configuration Scenario Used in This Guide
Installing the Software
Downloading the Oracle Tuxedo Installer
Installing Oracle Tuxedo System on Sun Storage 7000 Unified Shared Storage System
File and Disk Space Allocation
Configuring Tuxedo Applications
Important Notes Before You Begin
Setting Up Oracle Tuxedo System Build and Runtime Environments
Editing the UBBCONFIG File
Editing the DMCONFIG File
Creating the Universal Device List and the Transaction Log
Starting the tlisten Process
Running buildtms for Oracle Tuxedo Applications That Use XA Resource Managers
Running buildserver for Oracle Applications
Booting Oracle Tuxedo Applications
Configuring SDP Protocol Support for Infiniband Network Communication to the Database Server
Managing Oracle Tuxedo Applications
Monitoring Application with Tuxedo Methods
Monitoring Application with Oracle TSAM
Scaling Out the Topology
Exalogic/Oracle Tuxedo Application Examples
Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS and Batch Deployment
Installing ART Runtime
Downloading ART Installer
Installing ART Software
Configuring ART CICS Runtime
Important Notes Before You Begin
Initial Configuration of the ART CICS Runtime
Server Configuration of the ART CICS Runtime
Resource Configuration of the ART CICS Runtime
Configuring ART Batch Runtime
Using the Batch Runtime EJR
Using Tuxedo Job Enqueueing Service (TuxJES)
Managing ART Applications
Monitoring ART CICS Runtime
Managing ART Batch Runtime
High Availability and Scalability Deployment for an Oracle Tuxedo ART Batch Environment
Before You Begin
Enabling a Floating IP for Oracle Tuxedo Node SITE1 on ComputeNode1
Configuring an ART Batch Environment on an Oracle Tuxedo Domain (ComputeNode1 and ComputeNode2)
Verify Job Execution
Master Node and Group QUEGRP to ComputeNode2 Failover
SITE1 to ComputeNode7 Failover
Failing Over SITE1 Back to ComputeNode1
High Availability Deployment for Oracle Tuxedo ART CICS Application
High Availability with ART CICS Runtime
Initial Configuration of the ART CICS Runtime MP Domain
Server Configuration of the ART CICS Runtime MP Domain
Resource Configuration of the ART CICS Runtime MP Domain
ART CICS Runtime MP Domain Deployment Example
Scale Out ART CICS Deployment at Runtime

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