Input components can display an icon if a value is required, and also if the value has changed.

required and changed icons

You can configure input components so that they display as read-only until the user hoovers over the value.

input components can display as read-only

The inputText and richTextEditor components can use the insertTextBehavior tag, which allows users to insert predetermined text at the cursor point.

insert text into input components

You can customize the toolbar displayed in the richTextEditor component .

customize toolbars

Input components also include forms, subforms and a file upload component. See the Web User Interface Developer's Guide for Oracle ADF for more information.

Input components also include selection lists and shuttles, shown here.

Input components can be configured to submit their values whenever their value changes. You can then have an associated component refresh based on that changed value. For more information, see the "Rendering Partial Page Content" chapter of the Web User Interface Developer's Guide for Oracle ADF.

ADF Faces provides a number of different components that allow users to input data. Along with standard input text components, there are components that allow users to select numbers, dates, and colors. There is also a text editor that allows users to enter and format blocks of text.
  • The af:inputText component allows users to enter simple strings.
  • The af:inputNumberSlider component allows users to select a number using a slider. You can configure the range of numbers shown on the slider. The af:inputRangeSlider component has two thumbs and allows users to select two numbers to create a range. The af:inputNumberSpinbox component has up and down arrow keys that increment or decrement the number in the box.
  • The af:inputColor component has a text field where a user can enter a color code and also a button that launches a color picker (the af:chooseColor comonent) from which a user can select a color, including a custom color.
  • The af:inputDate component has a text field where a user can enter a date and also an icon that launches a date picker (the af:chooseDate comonent) from which a user can select a date, time, and timezone.
  • The af:richTextEditor component provides a text editor that accepts text with formatting. The text can be shown in WYSIWYG mode or in HTML source mode.
input components


Web User Interface Developer's Guide for Oracle ADF: Using Input Components and Defining Forms

Demos and code examples:
You can download the ADF Faces Rich Client component demo, where you can explore the components at runtime and view sample code.

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