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Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E10643-03
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RC_BACKUP_SPFILE_SUMMARY provides summary information about server parameter file backups for databases registered in the recovery catalog.

This view is primarily intended to be used internally by Enterprise Manager.

Column Data Type Description
DB_NAME VARCHAR2(8) The DB_NAME of the database incarnation to which this record belongs.
DB_KEY NUMBER The primary key for this database in the recovery catalog. Use this column to join with almost any other catalog view.
NUM_FILES_BACKED NUMBER Number of files backed up.
NUM_DISTINCT_FILES_BACKED NUMBER Number of distinct files backed up (based on differing modification timestamps).
MIN_MODIFICATION_TIME DATE Earliest modification time of any SPFILE backed up for this database.
MAX_MODIFICATION_TIME DATE Latest modification time of any SPFILE backed up for this database.
INPUT_BYTES NUMBER Total number of bytes in the input files backed up.
INPUT_BYTES_DISPLAY VARCHAR2(4000) Same value as INPUT_BYTES, but converted to a user-displayable format, for example, 798.01M or 5.25G.