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Oracle® Communications Data Model Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E15886-02
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1 Introducing Oracle Communications Data Model

This chapter introduces the Oracle Communications Data Model, which is a standards-based, pre-built approach to communications data warehousing.

This chapter includes the following sections:

What is Oracle Communications Data Model?

Oracle Communications Data Model is a standards-based, pre-built approach to communications data warehousing enabling a communications company to realize the power of insight more quickly. Oracle Communications Data Model reduces costs for both immediate and on-going operations by leveraging out-of-box Oracle based Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions, making world-class database and business intelligence technology solutions available with a communications specific data model.

Oracle Communications Data Model offers a single-vendor solution package that is tightly integrated with the business intelligence platform. With pre-built data mining, Oracle Online Analytical Processing (Oracle OLAP) and dimensional models, Oracle Communications Data Model provides you with industry-specific metrics and insights that you can act on immediately to improve your bottom line. These business intelligence solution offerings take advantage of Oracle's scalability and reliability, using Oracle's familiar optimization, parallelism, and performance engineering within the database.

Oracle Communications Data Model can be used in any application environment and is easily extendable.

Oracle Communications Data Model includes an exhaustive set of embedded advanced analytics, using Oracle's OLAP and data mining technology. You can take advantage of pre-built and pre-tested solution sets designed by industry experts that deliver relevant insights, are actionable, and aimed at improving both top-line and bottom-line results. You can see summarized, aggregated information or quickly navigate to drill-down transaction details to better understand business issues.

For example, with Oracle Communications Data Model's out-of-the-box sample reports, you can generate reports for network analysis and churn analysis. Network analysis provides air-time, subscription, roaming, load@busy hour, under utilization and patterns reports. With churn analysis you can gain improved insight into churning that provides switching and termination trends, payment and recharging patterns, subscribers life cycle and profiling. You can add your own reports as well. Oracle Communications Data Model, combined with Oracle technology, provides all of the components required for a complete and extendable Communications Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence framework to eliminate complex and costly integration requirements, all designed to reduce your total cost of ownership.

What Are the Benefits of Using Oracle Communications Data Model?

With Oracle Communications Data Model, you can jump-start the design and implementation of a telecommunications data warehouse to quickly achieve a positive ROI for your data warehousing and business intelligence project with a predictable implementation effort.

Oracle Communications Data Model provides the following features:

Oracle Communications Data Model provides an off-the-shelf data warehouse framework that is both adaptable and extendable. Alignment with communications industry standards ensures interoperability with other systems. The pre-built, pretuned data model with intelligent insight into detailed communications and market data, allows you to quickly gain value from your data warehousing effort, supports diverse analytical requirements, and assists in building future analytical applications. Fast, easy and predictable implementation reduces risks and enables you to achieve strategic value more rapidly by eliminating deployment delays and expenses associated with built-from-scratch or proprietary data warehouse solutions.

What Are the Components of Oracle Communications Data Model?

Oracle Communications Data Model includes the following components:

Oracle Products That Make Up Oracle Communications Data Model

Several Oracle technologies are involved in building the infrastructure for telecommunications business intelligence.

Oracle Database with OLAP, Data Mining and Partitioning Option

Oracle Communications Data Model utilizes a complete Oracle technical stack. It leverages the following data warehousing features of the Oracle database: SQL model, compression, partitioning, advanced statistical functions, materialized views, data mining, and online analytical processing (OLAP).


To achieve cost-effective scalability, availability, and reliability, you can consider using Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) and commodity hardware.

Oracle Development Tools

Use the Oracle tools shown in Table 1-1 to customize the predefined logical and physical models provided with Oracle Communications Data Model, or to populate the target relational tables, materialized views, or OLAP cubes.

Table 1-1 Oracle Development Tools Used with Oracle Communications Data Model

Name Use

Oracle SQL Data Modeler

To create the logical model

SQL Developer or SQL*Plus

To create or modify database objects

Oracle Warehouse Builder

For the process control of the Intra-ETL process

Analytic Workspace Manager

To populate the target OLAP cubes

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Presentation Tools

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive suite of enterprise Business Intelligence products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. You can use Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Answers and Dashboard presentation tools to customize the predefined sample dashboard reports that are provided with Oracle Communications Data Model.