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Oracle® OLAP Java API Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)


Interface MetadataObject

All Known Implementing Classes:
AttributeMap, AW, AWAttributeOrganization, AWCubeOrganization, AWPrimaryDimensionOrganization, BaseMetadataObject, CubeDimensionalityMap, CubeMap, CubeOrganization, DimensionMap, FundamentalMetadataObject, HierarchyLevelMap, MdmAssignment, MdmAttribute, MdmBaseAttribute, MdmBaseMeasure, MdmColumn, MdmCube, MdmCustomMember, MdmDatabaseSchema, MdmDerivedAttribute, MdmDerivedMeasure, MdmDescription, MdmDimension, MdmDimensionality, MdmDimensionCalculationModel, MdmDimensionedObject, MdmDimensionLevel, MdmHierarchy, MdmHierarchyLevel, MdmLevel, MdmLevelHierarchy, MdmMeasure, MdmMeasureDimension, MdmModel, MdmMultiValuedAttribute, MdmMultiValuedDerivedAttribute, MdmNamedBuildProcess, MdmObject, MdmOrganizationalSchema, MdmPrimaryDimension, MdmRootSchema, MdmSchema, MdmSingleValuedAttribute, MdmSource, MdmStandardDimension, MdmStandardMember, MdmSubDimension, MdmTable, MdmTimeDimension, MdmTimeMember, MdmValueHierarchy, MeasureMap, MemberListMap, MVCreationOptions, ObjectMap, PrimaryDimensionOrganization, RolapCubeOrganization, RolapPrimaryDimensionOrganization, SecondaryPartitionLevel, SolvedHierarchyMap, SolvedValueHierarchyMap, ValueMap

public interface MetadataObject

An interface that is implemented by most of the Oracle OLAP metadata objects. A MetadataObject has a unique identifier (ID) that persists from one MetadataProvider instance to another. Therefore, an application can store the ID for a MetadataObject in one session, and then it can use it in a later session. However, if the name or the owner of a metadata object changes, then the ID changes as well and the stored ID is no longer valid.

This interface is also implemented by the class. Instances of that class represent fundamental operations such as addition and OLAP Java API fundamental data types such as Integer.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String getID()
          Gets the unique identifier for this MetadataObject.


Method Detail


java.lang.String getID()
Gets the unique identifier for this MetadataObject.
A String that uniquely identifies this MetadataObject.

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