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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17122-05
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ADVISE_REL Procedure

The ADVISE_REL procedure helps you determine how to preaggregate a dimension in an analytic workspace. When you specify a percentage of the dimension to preaggregate, ADVISE_REL recommends a set of dimension members.

The ADVISE_REL procedure takes a family relation, a valueset, and a precompute percentage as input. The family relation is an object that specifies the hierarchical relationships between the members of a dimension. The valueset must be defined from the dimension to be analyzed. Based on the precompute percentage that you specify, ADVISE_REL returns a set of dimension members in the valueset.


You cannot execute this procedure from within the OLAP Worksheet. You must execute if in a SQL tool such as SQL*Plus.


          family_relation_name    IN   VARCHAR2,
          valueset_name           IN   VARCHAR2,
          precompute_percentage   IN   INTEGER DEFAULT 20,
          compressed              IN   BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE);


Table B-8 ADVISE_REL Procedure Parameters

Parameter Description


The name of a family relation, which specifies a dimension and the hierarchical relationships between the dimension members.


The name of a valueset to contain the results of the procedure. The valueset must be defined from the dimension in the family relation. If the valueset is not empty, ADVISE_REL deletes its contents before adding new values.


A percentage of the dimension to preaggregate. The default is 20%.


Controls whether the advice is for a regular composite (FALSE) or a compressed composite (TRUE).