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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17122-05
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The POPLEVEL command (abbreviated PPL) restores all values saved with PUSH commands that were executed since the last POPLEVEL statement specifying the same marker.

You must use PUSHLEVEL to mark a starting point for a series of PUSH commands before you can use POPLEVEL to restore the saved values. POPLEVEL itself marks the end of the series. You can use POPLEVEL only within programs.


POPLEVEL marker-expression [DISCARD]



A text value used as a marker. This value must be the same as the value used in the corresponding PUSHLEVEL statement to mark the start of a series of saved values being popped.


Specifies that the pushed values for that level are discarded when you issue a POPLEVEL statement. When you do not specify DISCARD, the values that were pushed are used to reset the pushed objects.

Usage Notes

Possible Uses for POP LEVEL Statement

Two possible uses for POPLEVEL statements are:


To see a sample program using POPLEVEL, see the example for the PUSHLEVEL command.