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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17122-05
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The LIMITMAPINFO function returns the analytic workspace expression that a specified limit map uses to map data into a specified column of a relational table.

Return Value

A TEXT expression.


LIMITMAPINFO ([aw], limit-map, column-name)



The name of the analytic workspace that contains the analytic workspace object.


The limit map as a text expression.


The name of the column of a relational table as it appears in limit-map.


Example 8-11 Retrieving the Name of a Dimension

Assume that you have an analytic workspace named myaw that contains a text variable named mylimitmap that is a limit map that maps some analytic workspace data to a relational table with a column named et_product.

MEASURE sales FROM aw_f.sales
DIMENSION et_chan FROM aw_channel WITH
HIERARCHY aw_channel.parent
GID gid_chan FROM aw_channel.gid
DIMENSION et_prod FROM aw_product WITH
HIERARCHY aw_product.parent
GID gid_prod FROM aw_prod.gid
DIMENSION et_geog FROM aw_geography WITH
HIERARCHY aw_geography.parent
GID gid_geog FROM aw_geog.gid
DIMENSION et_time FROM aw_time WITH
HIERARCHY time.parent
GID gid_time FROM aw_time.gid

To retrieve the name of the analytic workspace object from which data for the et_prod column is retrieved, you issue the following OLAP DML statement.

show LIMITMAPINFO ('myaw', mylimitmap, 'et_prod')  

The following value displays because the et_prod column is mapped to the aw_product dimension.