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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17122-05
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The EIFEXTENSIONPATH option contains a list of directory objects that identify the locations where EIF extension files should be created.

Data Type



EIFEXTENSIONPATH = path-expression



A text expression that contains one or more directory object names. When you specify multiple aliases, you must enter each one on a separate line. Specify multiple aliases in the order in which they should be used for storing EIF extension files.

Usage Notes

When Extension Files Are Created

When the size of an EIF file grows beyond the size specified for EIF files by the FILESIZE argument to the EXPORT (EIF) command, or the current disk or location becomes full, an EIF extension file is created.

Before creating a new extension file, the location specified by EIFEXTENSIONPATH is checked for sufficient disk space. The required amount of disk space is the amount specified for FILESIZE in the EXPORT (EIF). When no value has been specified for FILESIZE, then a check is made for at least 80K of disk space (the minimum size allowed by FILESIZE). When there is insufficient disk space, checking continues through the list until a location with enough available disk space is found.


When EIFEXTENSIONPATH contains multiple directory objects, the first extension file is created in the first alias in the list. The second extension file is created in the second alias on the list, and so on. When the end of the list is reached, the process starts over again at the beginning. When EIFEXTENSIONPATH contains a single directory object, all extension files are created in that location.


Example 5-28 Establishing a Location for Extension Files

The following statement establishes the eifext directory object as the location in which EIF extension files should be created.