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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17122-05
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The EIFVERSION option is used with the EXPORT (EIF) and IMPORT (EIF) commands to copy data between different versions of Express® Server or Oracle OLAP. The version from which the data is exported is referred to as the source. The version to which the data is imported is referred to as the target.

Before you use the EXPORT command to export data to an EIF file, you use the EIFVERSION option to specify the internal version or build number of the target. Then, when you use EXPORT to copy data from the source to an EIF file, the data is in a format that can be imported by the target. Generally, you can import data from an EIF file into any target that has a later version number than the one you specify for the EIF file with EIFVERSION. However, when you set EIFVERSION to a value that is lower than the default version (that is, the version number of the current process), and you try to export data that the earlier version cannot manage, an error is generated. For example, when you try to export an aggmap to a 6.2 version of Express Server, an error is generated because Express Server 6.2 cannot manage aggmap.

You can use the EVERSION function to determine the internal version or build number of the target.





The internal version or build number of an Express Server or Oracle OLAP process which is the target into which you want the data imported.

By default, EIFVERSION is set to the internal version or build number of the current process.


Example 5-32 Exporting and Importing Between Different Versions

This example shows how to use EIFVERSION when you want to export data from Oracle OLAP to an EIF file and then import it into Express Server version 6.2.0.

This statement (issued from the target 6.2.0 Express Server)


returns the following version and build information

Module Mgr, Version:, Build: 60232
OES Kernel, Version:, Build: 60232

The following statements export the data from Oracle OLAP (which has a higher build number than 60232) to an EIF file that can be read in Express 6.2.0