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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17122-05
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The NASPELL option controls the spelling that is used for NA values in output.

Data Type



NASPELL = {'text'|'NA'}



The spelling to use for any NA value in output. When you specify an expression rather than a text literal, you can omit the single quotes. The default is NA.

Usage Notes

Setting NASPELL to "0"

Setting NASPELL to the text character 0 (zero) causes NA values to appear as 0. However, they are still treated as NAs in calculations.

Assigning NA Values

NASPELL affects only Oracle OLAP output; it does not affect the way you assign an NA value. For example, even when you have set NASPELL to NONE, you assign an NA value as follows.

var1 = NA

$NATRIGGER Takes Precedence over NASPELL

Oracle OLAP evaluates an $NATRIGGER property expression before applying the NASPELL option. When the $NATRIGGER expression is NA, then the NASPELL option has an effect.


Example 5-72 Showing NA Values as "NONE"

Suppose you have a variable called current.month, which has a value of NA whenever no current month has been specified. In this case, you would like the value to appear as None rather than NA.

When NASPELL is set to its default value of NA, the OLAP DML statement

SHOW current.month

produces the following output.


In contrast, the OLAP DML statements

NASPELL = 'None'
SHOW current.month

produce the following output.