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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17122-05
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Typically used only when debugging, the SESSCACHE option controls whether Oracle OLAP creates an Oracle OLAP session cache described in "What is an Oracle OLAP Session Cache?".

Data Type






The session cache is created to hold the data described in "What is an Oracle OLAP Session Cache?".


Oracle OLAP does not read or write to the session cache. When you specify NO, caching does not occur even when you have specified caching by coding a CACHE SESSION statement in the specification for one or more aggmap objects, by setting one or more $VARCACHE properties to SESSION, or by setting the VARCACHE option to SESSION.

Usage Notes

What is an Oracle OLAP Session Cache?

An Oracle OLAP session cache is a special place in memory used to hold:

There is one internal cache for a session. Cached data is ignored by UPDATE and COMMIT statements. However, once data is cached, Oracle OLAP uses the values in the cache for all calculations unless an AGGREGATE function with the FORCECALC keyword executes. In this case, the FORCECALC keyword specifies that Oracle OLAP recalculate the values.

When a session is terminated, its cache is cleared. To clear the session cache without terminating the session, issue a CLEAR statement.

The effectiveness of a session cache is tracked in the V$AW_CALC dynamic performance view.