This image displays the Schedule Editor that contains two panels. The panel on the left contains two links Name and Schedule, with Schedule being the currently selected link. The panel on the right contains the Specify the start and end times section at the top. Below this, displayed one next to the other, are the sections Edit/Construct Repeat Expression and Schedule preview.

The Specify the start and end times section contains the Time Zone list at the top. Below this list, one next to the other, are the following two check boxes: Use chosen start data and time and Use chosen end date and time. Below both these check boxes are two fields Start Date and End Date.

The Edit/Construct Repeat Expression section contains the fields Frequency Units and Repeat Every. Below this is a grid containing the By Clause and Value columns.

The Schedule preview section contains the following icons at the top: Toggle View, Previous, and Next. Below these icons is a grid that contains the columns Date and Time.

At the bottom-left is the Help button and the bottom-right are the OK and Cancel buttons.