This screenshot shows a mapping that populates a calendar time dimension. On the left is a Mapping Input operator DATE_INPUTS. To the right of this is a Table function operator, DAY_TABLE_FUNCTION, and a Construct Object operator, CONSTRUCT_OBJECT_CAL_MONTH. To the right of these operators are two Constant operators ZERO and ONE.

To the right of the Constant operators there is a Construct Object operator, CONSTRUCT_OBJECT_CAL_YEAR, and a Table Function operator, CAL_MONTH_TABLE_FUNCTION. At the extreme right are the Table Function operator CAL_YEAR_TABLE_FUNCTION and the Time dimension operator TIME_DIM_CAL.

There are arrows connecting the Mapping Input operator (on the extreme left) to the Table Function operator DAY_TABLE_FUNCTION, which is in turn connected to the operators CONSTRUCT_OBJECT_CAL_MONTH and TIME_DIM_CAL. Both Constant operators, ZERO and ONE, are connected to the Construct Object operator CONSTRUCT_OBJECT_CAL_YEAR. The Construct Object operator CONSTRUCT_OBJECT_CAL_MONTH is connected to CAL_MONTH_TABLE_FUNCTION, which is in turn connected to CONSTRUCT_OBJECT_CAL_YEAR and TIME_DIM_CAL. The CONSTRUCT_OBJECT_CAL_YEAR operator is connected to CAL_YEAR_TABLE_FUNCTION, which is in turn connected to TIME_DIM_CAL.