The screenshot shows the Cluster Interconnects page. At the top, right-hand side of the page is the time of the Last Data Collected From Target, followed by a Refresh button.

At the beginning of the page is the following introductory text: "The interconnect configuration and internode communication will influence the performance of cluster databases. The tables below show network interfaces on all hosts and network interfaces currently in use by cluster databases. It is important that cluster databases are configured to use a private interconnect for message and block transfers."

Below this text, on the right-hand side is the View Data action list, with the value Manually currently selected. To the left of the View Data action list is the field Private Interconnect Transfer Rate (MB/Sec) with the value 0.088 (hyperlinked). The description of this field is "Transfer rate on the private network in the last 5 minutes."

There are 2 tables shown in the screenshot. They are the Interfaces by Hosts table and the Interfaces in Use by Cluster Databases table.

At the top of the Interfaces by Hosts table is the View action list, which has the value Private selected. Below this action list are two links: Expand All and Collapse All. The table has 6 columns and 5 rows. The column names, from left to right, are: Name, Type, Subnet, Interface Type, Total I/O Rate (MB/Sec) (Last 5 Minutes), and Total Error Rate (%) (Last 5 Minutes). The values contained in the rows are, from top to bottom:

The Interfaces in Use By Cluster Databases table has two hyperlinks at the top: Expand All and Collapse All. The table has 8 columns and 3 rows. The column names, from left to right, are: Name, Target Type, Interface Name, Host Name, IP Address, Interface Type, Source, and Transfer Rate (MB/Sec) (Last 5 Minutes). The rows contain the following values:

Below this table is the following text:

TIP The Transfer Rate is the estimated traffic contributed by the instance assuming uniform block size in the database.

End of description.