This screenshot shows the Recommendations section of the Performance Finding Details page.

The following left-justified links are shown in a row: Show All Details, Hide All Details.

Underneath the row of links is a table. The table contains the following columns: Details, Category, and Benefit (%). Values in the Details column are displayed as a collapsible navigation tree. Values in the Benefit column are displayed as a horizontal bar chart with an associated number.

2 rows are shown in the table. The values of row 1 are: Hide, DB Configuration, and 6.3. Row 2 shows additional information about row 1. The values of row 2 are: Action, "Increase the buffer cache size by setting the value of parameter DB_CACHE_SIZE to 160M," and null. Next to the text in the Category column are the following buttons: Implement, and Filters.

In the Additional Information section, the following message is displayed: The value of parameter "db_cache_size" was "96 M" during the analysis period.

In the Findings Path section, the Expand All and Collapse All links appear in the upper left. The table has the following columns: Findings, Impact (%), and Additional Information. The first row has the values: "The buffer cache was undersized causing significant additional read I/O," 2.1 (shown as a bar chart), and an Additional Information link. The second row has the values: "Wait class 'User I/O' was consuming significant database time," 2.1 (shown as a bar chart), and null.

End of description.