The Edit Thresholds: Number of Transactions (per second) page is shown.The Cancel, Clear Thresholds, and Apply Thresholds buttons are shown.Last Updated is February 5, 2009 5:29:34 PM PST.The AWR Baseline section includes the Name list. BASELINE_THU_1530 is selected.The Number of Transactions (per second) vs. Baseline section includes a chart. A thumbnail graph is shown underneath Thu.The y-axis of the chart goes from 0 to 750. The x-axis goes from 12 AM to 11 PM. The activity spikes at 3 p.m. to 750.The Threshold Setting sections includes: the Threshold Type list, with Significance Level selected; the Critical list with None selected; the Warning list with None selected; the Occurrences text box with 2 shown. The Preview button is shown.

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