The Plan subpage is shown.The following name-value pairs are shown Data Source is Cursor Cache, Capture Time is Feb 9 2009 12:07:07 PM, Parsing Schema HR, Optimizer Mode ALL_ROWS.In the View section, Graph is selected.The Section Details section shows the following name-value pairs:Operation is TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWIDObject is EMPLOYEESObject Type is TABLEOrder is 2Rows is 3Size (KB) is 0.059Cost is 2Time is aCPU Cost is 15893I/O Cost is 2The graphic depicts a flow chart with EMP_NAME_IX leading to EMPLOYEES, leading to HASH JOIN. The JOBS object also leads to HASH JOIN. HASH JOIN then leads to HASH JOIN. DEPARTMENTS also leads to this HASH JOIN. HASH JOIN finally leads to SELECT STATEMENT.

End of description.