The View Data list on the right side of the page shows Real Time: 15 Second Refresh.

The Active Sessions chart is shown. The y-axis values start at 0.0 and go to 5. The x-axis values start at 11:21 and go to 12:21.

The chart shows System/IO spiking at 11:26 and 11:51.

The Detail for Selected 5 Minute Interval section shows a Start Time of Feb 9, 2009, 11:37:00 PM PST. The Run ASH Report button is on the right side of the page.

The Top SQL section shows the Actions list value of Schedule SQL Tuning Advisor. The Go button is to the right of the list.

Below the Actions list are the Select All and Select None links.

The table has the following columns: Select, Activity (%), SQL ID, and SQL Type.

Row 1 has the following values: (check box), 14.81, 05b6pvb81dg8b, PL/SQL EXECUTE.

Row 2 has the following values: (check box), 13.51, 8tck1adu5gyfc, DELETE.

Rows 3-8 have various DML statements.

The Top Sessions table is also displayed but is not relevant for this graph.

Below the table the Actions list shows Schedule SQL Tuning Advisor and the Go button.

End of description.