The screenshot shows a portion of the Incident - Generic Internal Error page. At the top of the page, on the right-hand side is the time and date of the last refresh for this page. Below the refresh timestamp is the View Data action list. This list has the value "Incident Time Window: 24 Hours" selected.

The screenshot shows two sections of this page: Problem Summary and Performance and Critical Error.

The Problem Summary section has three subsections: Problem Information, Incident Information, and Recommended Actions. The Problem Information subsection displays the following information:

The Incident Information subsection displays only two pieces of information:

Below the Incident Information subsection is the Recommended Actions subsection. There are two buttons displayed for Recommended Actions: View Problem Details and View All Problems.

In the Performance and Critical Error section there is a line graph. The vertical axis charts the number of active sessions, starting with 0 and increasing by 0.5 increments to 1.0. The horizontal axis charts the hours of the day, starting with 12:27 AM on Sep 9, 2009, and then marking every two hours up to 12 AM on Sep 10, 2009. The legend to the right of the chart indicates the green lines charts CPU, the blue line charts User I/O, and the red line charts Wait.

In the chart, all three lines are relatively flat at 0 active sessions. Below the chart is an arrow pointing to the time 12:27 on the horizontal access with a single blue dot below the arrow.

End of description.