This screenshot shows the Create Administrator: Properties page. Under the page title, it shows a field Name and the corresponding text box immediately to the right, followed by a "look-up" icon. Below the Name field is an E-mail Address field, followed immediately to the right by the text entry box. The descriptive text below the E-mail Address field says "Specify one or more e-mail addresses separated by a comma or space. If you are entering these for the first time, they will be used to create a default 24x7 notification schedule for this Administrator."

Below the descriptive text is a drop-down selection box labeled Administrator Privilege. The value View on all targets is currently selected. Below the Administrator Privilege box is a check box labeled Grant SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE, which is currently checked.

Two clickable buttons are provided both at the top-right and at the bottom right of the window: the Cancel button and a Review button.