This image is a screenshot of the Initialization Parameters page. At the top right of the page are Show SQL, Revert, and Apply buttons. Below the buttons is the informational text that states "You are not logged on with SYSDBA privilege. Only controls for dynamic parameters are editable." Below this text there are two links going from left to right that display the two subpages: "Current" and "SPFile". The Current subpage is displayed by default.

At the top of the Current subpage, is the descriptive text "The parameter values listed here are currently used by the running instance(s)." Beneath this text, going from left to right, are a Name text field and 4 drop-down lists (Basic, Modified, Dynamic, and Category) that enable you to search for initialization parameters and reduce the number of parameters shown in the table below. In the screenshot, the Name text field is empty, and each drop-down list displays the value All. To the right of the drop-down lists is a Go button. Below the search fields is a check box labeled "Apply changes in current running instance(s) mode to SPFile. For static parameters, you must restart the database."

Below the check box is a table of initialization parameters. The table columns shown in this screenshot are: Name, Help, Revisions, Value, Comments, and Type. Under the Help column, each row has the same icon that you can click to display additional information for that parameter. The Value field is an enterable text field for some rows and read-only text for other rows. This screenshot shows 6 rows in the table: audit_file_dest, audit_trail, diagnostic_dest, dispatchers, spfile, and compatible. All rows have the value "String" in the Type column and no value in the Comments column.

End of description.