This screenshot shows the Segment Advisor Recommendation Details for Tablespace: TEST_ASSM_NEW page. The introductory text on the page states "Oracle uses the Automatic Segment Advisor job to detect segment issues regularly within maintenance windows. The following table contains the reclaimable space information for the evaluated segments in the selected tablespace. The recommendations come from the most recent runs of automatic and user-scheduled segment advisor jobs. Oracle recommends shrinking, reorganizing or compressing these segments to release unused space. Select the segment to implement the recommendation."

Below the introductory text, on the left-hand side are 3 fields: Schema text entry field (followed by a Search icon (a picture of a flashlight), Segment text entry field, and Partition text entry field. On the right-hand side of the page are 2 additional fields, and a Search button. The fields are the Recommendation drop-down list, with the value All Types currently displayed, and Minimum Reclaimable Space (MB) text entry field.

The recommendations are displayed in a table. At the top of the table are 3 buttons: Shrink, Reorganize (disabled), and Compress (disabled). Below these buttons are two hyperlinks: Select All and Select None. The table has 9 columns. They are labeled, from left to right: Select, Schema, Segment, Recommendation, Reclaimable Space (MB), Allocated Space (MB), Used Space (MB), and Segment Type. There are 3 rows in the table shown in the screenshot. Each row, list from top to bottom, contains the following values, listed from left to right:

End of description.