This is a screenshot of the Performance Finding Details: Top SQL Statements page. At the top of the page is the following information:

Below this information is the Recommendations section. The first item in this section is a button labeled Schedule SQL Tuning Advisor. Next is a table of recommendations. At the top of the table are 4 hyperlinks: Select All, Select None, Show All Details, Hide All Details. The table has the following columns: Select, Details, Category, and Benefit (%). The data for the last column is displayed as a horizontal bar graph in each row, followed by the percentage value. In the Details column, each row has a Show icon, that if clicked, "opens" the row to reveal recommendation details, including action buttons such as Run Advisor Now and Filters. For the "opened" rows, the Details column contains a Hide icon.

This table shown in this screenshot has 4 rows, each a SQL Tuning recommendation. The last 3 rows in the table are not "opened". The first row, which is "opened", contains the following information:

End of description.