The screenshot shows the Support Workbench home page of Enterprise Manager. The page has three subtabs: Problems (1), Checker Findings (0), and Packages (1). The Problems subtab is selected. In the section of the page above these tabs, on the right-hand side of the page is the time and date of the last refresh for this page and a Refresh button.

On the Problems subpage, the top section displays the following information:

The next section on the page is a table of problems. Above the table, on the left-hand side, is an action list titled View, which is set to Last 24 Hours. Above the table, on the right-hand side, is a Search text entry field, followed by a button labeled Go, and an Advanced Search link.

The table shown in the screenshot contains only one row, which has the following values for the columns listed:

Below this row is the expanded detail information:

At the top of the table, on the left-hand side, are 2 buttons labeled (from left to right) View and Package. Below these buttons are the following links (from left to right): Select All, Select None, Show All Details, Hide All Details.

End of description.