This is a screenshot of the Tablespaces page. Below the heading Tablespaces, is the Search section, which contains the Object Name search field, and a Go button.

Below the Search area is a table of tablespaces in the database. The table columns are as follows: Select, Name, Allocated, Size(MB), Space Used(MB), Allocated Space Used(%), Allocated Free Space(MB), Status, Datafiles , Type, Extent Management, and Segment Management. The Allocated Space Used(%) column shows a horizontal bar graph of space used relative to total tablespace size. The following is information about some of the other table columns:

Just above the table are three buttons, used in conjunction with the Select column: Edit, View, and Delete. To the right of the buttons is an Actions list with a Go button. The selection currently shown in the Actions list is Add Datafile. Above the buttons and Actions list, still associated with the table of tablespaces. are the following:

Below the table of tablespaces are read only text fields that show Total Allocated Size (MB), Total Used (MB) , and Total Allocated Free Space (MB) for all tablespaces.