The Replay Workload: Choose Initial Options page is shown.

On the right of the page, the following text appears: Step 1 of 5. The Cancel button is to the left of the text and the Next button is to the right of the text.

The following text appears:

Database X112

Capture Name CAPTURE-x112-20100509051233

Logged In As IMMCHAN

The Replay Name field contains the following text: REPLAY-x112-20100510050326

Under SQL Performance Analyzer, the following text appears:

SQL Performance Analyzer allows you to test and to analyze the effects of changes on the execution performance of SQL contained in a SQL Tuning Set.

The option Capture SQL statements into a SQL Tuning Set during workload replay is selected.

Under Identify Source, the following text appears: Choose the initial replay options.

The following options are listed:

End of description.