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Oracle® Database Vault Administrator's Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E16544-01
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What's New in Oracle Database Vault?

This section describes new features in Oracle Database Vault for this release of Oracle Database.

This section contains:

New Oracle Database Vault Features in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (

This section contains:

DBMS_MACADM Procedures Now Use Previous Values for Defaults

Default settings for some of the values for the following DVSYS.DBMS_MACADM PL/SQL package procedures are now based on their previous settings:

For example, suppose you created or updated a realm to have realm checking enabled. When you use the DVSYS.DBMS_MACADM.UPDATE_REALM procedure to modify the realm, the enabled parameter default is set to enable realm checking.

For more information, see Chapter 11, "Using the DVSYS.DBMS_MACADM Package."

New Oracle Database Vault Features in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (

This section contains:

Oracle Database Vault Included in the Oracle Database Installation

Starting with this release, Oracle Database Vault is included as an installed program with Oracle Database, except that you must register it with the database (similar to Oracle Label Security). You no longer must run Oracle Universal Installer to enable Database Vault.

See "Registering Oracle Database Vault" for more information.

Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager

You now can perform a set of Oracle Database Vault functions from both Oracle Database Enterprise Manager Database Control Release 11.2 and Grid Control Release This integration also applies to Releases,, and of Oracle Database Vault.

From Database Control, you now can perform the following tasks:

From Grid Control, you can perform these tasks:

See the following sections for more information:

Oracle Data Pump Support

Oracle Data Pump users now can export and import data in an Oracle Database Vault environment.

See "Using Oracle Data Pump in an Oracle Database Vault Environment" for more information.

Oracle Database Job Scheduler Support

Users who are responsible for scheduling database jobs now can do so in an Oracle Database Vault environment.

See "Scheduling Database Jobs in an Oracle Database Vault Environment" for more information.

Additional Oracle Database Vault Roles

Oracle Database Vault includes the following new roles:

See the following sections for more information:

Additional Default Rule Sets

Oracle Database Vault now provides the following additional rule sets:

See "Default Rule Sets" for more information.

Expanded Range for Fail Codes Used for Rule Set Creation

You are no longer restricted to negative numbers when you specify a fail code for the creation of a rule set. You can enter a number the ranges of -20999 to -20000 or 20000 to 20999.

See "Error Handling Options" for more information.

Changes to Oracle Database Vault PL/SQL Packages

The DBMS_MACADM and DBMS_MACSEC_ROLES PL/SQL packages have changed as follows:

Changes to Database Vault Configuration Assistant

Database Vault Configuration Assistant (DVCA) has the following changes:

Support for Oracle Recovery Manager

You now can use Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) in an Oracle Database Vault environment.

See "Using Oracle Database Vault with Oracle Recovery Manager".

SYS Control of EXECUTE Privilege for the DBMS_RLS PL/SQL Package

In previous releases of Oracle Database Vault, the SYS user was prevented from granting or revoking the EXECUTE privilege on the DBMS_RLS PL/SQL package to other users. Starting with this release, user SYS can resume granting and revoking EXECUTE on DBMS_RLS to other users.

Stronger Protection for the DVSYS Schema

To keep DVSYS as a protected schema, you can no longer drop its objects, even if the recycle bin is disabled. For better security for other realms, you should disable the recycle bin.

See "Security Considerations for the Recycle Bin".

OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX Parameter No Longer Modified

Oracle Database Vault no longer modifies the OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX initialization parameter during installation. The default value for the OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX parameter is OPS$.

See Oracle Database Reference for more information about this parameter.

NOSYSDBA Parameter of ORAPWD Deprecated

The NOSYSDBA parameter of the ORAPWD utility has been deprecated in this release. It is no longer necessary in Oracle Database Vault. As part of this deprecation, the lockout parameter of the DVCA utility has been deprecated as well.