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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17110-04
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V$QMON_TASK_STATS displays information and statistics based on different queue monitor tasks in the system (spilling, time manager activity, and so on). There is one row per kind of task. The rows are deleted when the database (or instance in an Oracle RAC environment) restarts.

Column Datatype Description
TASK_NAME VARCHAR2(32) Name of the task
TASK_TYPE VARCHAR2(40) Type of the task
LAST_CREATED_TASKNUM NUMBER Unique task number last created for this task
NUM_TASKS NUMBER Number of tasks currently present
TOTAL_TASK_RUN_TIME NUMBER Cumulative task run time
TOTAL_TASK_RUNS NUMBER Cumulative task runs
METRIC_TYPE VARCHAR2(50) Type of metric gathered for this task type
METRIC_VALUE NUMBER Value of this metric
LAST_FAILURE VARCHAR2(32) Last failure encountered while executing this type of task
LAST_FAILURE_TIME TIMESTAMP(3) WITH TIME ZONE Time when the last failure occurred
LAST_FAILURE_TASKNUM NUMBER Task number of the last failed task for this task
REMARK VARCHAR2(64) Remarks about the task