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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17110-04
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Property Description
Parameter type Integer
Default value Policy-managed databases: 16

Administrator-managed databases: The number of configured Oracle RAC instances

Modifiable No
Range of values Any nonzero value
Basic No
Oracle RAC Multiple instances must have the same value.

CLUSTER_DATABASE_INSTANCES is an Oracle RAC parameter that is used to allocate adequate memory resources. It must be set to the same value on all instances.

You can set this parameter to a value that is greater than the current number of instances, if you are planning to add instances. For policy-managed databases, you should set this parameter to a higher value only if you intend to run a database with more than 16 instances. In this case, set the parameter to the expected maximum number of instances that this database will run on.

Oracle uses the value of this parameter to compute the default value of the LARGE_POOL_SIZE parameter when the PARALLEL_AUTOMATIC_TUNING parameter is set to true. Note that the PARALLEL_AUTOMATIC_TUNING parameter has been deprecated.

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