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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17110-04
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DBA_OUTLINES describes all stored outlines in the database.

Related View

USER_OUTLINES describes the stored outlines owned by the current user. This view does not display the OWNER column.

Column Datatype NULL Description
NAME VARCHAR2(30)   User-specified or generated name of the stored outline. The name must be of a form that can be expressed in SQL.
OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the user who created the outline
CATEGORY VARCHAR2(30)   User-defined name of the category to which the outline belongs
USED VARCHAR2(6)   Indicates whether the outline has ever been used (USED) or not (UNUSED)
TIMESTAMP DATE   Timestamp of outline creation
VERSION VARCHAR2(64)   Oracle version that created the outline
SQL_TEXT LONG   SQL text of the query, including any hints that were a part of the original statement. If bind variables are included, the variable names are stored as SQL text, not the values that are assigned to the variables.
      Note: This field may contain sensitive information about your database or application. Therefore, use discretion when granting SELECT or VIEW object privileges on these views.
SIGNATURE RAW(16)   Signature uniquely identifying the outline SQL text
COMPATIBLE VARCHAR2(12)   Indicates whether the outline hints were compatible across a migration (COMPATIBLE) or not (INCOMPATIBLE)
ENABLED VARCHAR2(8)   Indicates whether the outline is enabled (ENABLED) or disabled (DISABLED)
FORMAT VARCHAR2(6)   Hint format:


MIGRATED VARCHAR2(12)   Indicates whether the outline has been migrated to a SQL plan baseline (MIGRATED) or not (NOT-MIGRATED)

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