This is an image of the Dumps subpage of the Package Details page. Across the top of the subpage are three tabs: Incidents, Dumps, and Activity Log. The Dumps tab is the current tab. Below the tabs, going from left to right, are the following controls: A View list, which enables you to choose "Incremental Package Contents" or "Full Package Contents", an Add Incident Files button, and an Add External Files button.

Below these controls is table of dump files. The table columns are: Select, File Source, File Name, Size, Has User Data, Date, Path, and View. There are two rows showing. The Select column contains a check box for each row. The View column has an eyeglasses icon for each row. The File Source for each row is "Incident".

Just above the table, on the left-hand side of the page, are two links: Select All and Select None. Just above the links is a Remove button.