This graphic shows the center panes for the ocbrm-ipgs13 server that is highlighted in the Navigation pane. The tabs in the center pane are Summary, Hardware, Capabilities, Connectivity, Problems, Service Requests, Monitoring, and Jobs. The Monitoring tab is highlighted. The Alert Monitoring Rules table indicates that there are 11 rules. Three sections of the table appear: Boolean Control Monitoring Rules (2), Enumerated Control Monitoring Rules (1), and System-Defined Monitoring Rules (8). The table has four columns: Alert Monitoring Rules, Alert Limits, Enabled ?, and Active ?. The first rule is highlighted. The rule is OS Running, the Alert Limits cell has a blue icon with a white i in the center and is defined as Info: false. The Enabled and Active cells each have a Yes in the cell. The second rule is Powered On and has the same information in the remaining three cells. The third rule is an Enumerated Control Monitoring Rule. The Rule is Server Port Status, the Alert Limit has a yellow triangle with white exclamation point icon and is defined as a Warning: Disabled, disabled, Down, down, DOWN. The rule is enabled and active. The last three rules in the graphic are in the System-Defined Monitoring Rules section. The rules are: CPU Monitor, Disk Monitor, and Fan Monitor. The Alert Limits fields are blank. All three rules are enabled, but not active.