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Oracle® Communications Network Intelligence Concepts
Release 7.2.2

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11 Monitoring the Network

This chapter describes how Oracle Communications Network Intelligence monitors the network.

About Monitoring the Network

Network Intelligence analyses network data to identify trends in the network and predicts exhaustion dates for all network elements. For example, you can track how many trails are added to the network each month, and predict when the current equipment inventory no longer supports the required trails. You can configure Network Intelligence to email reports when a set user report condition is met; or example: a notification can be sent when 60 percent of the trails available are used for a given site. The email contains a link to the report, or reports, where these conditions have been met.

Network Intelligence uses a web-based online analysis and reporting tool to provide a set of specific key performance indicator (KPI) reports. Reports of interest can be viewed in summary or at a very detailed level, and the results extracted in HTML or CSV formats, or opened in Microsoft Excel. A network manager can define a dashboard of summary reports that quickly displays the overall network picture and provides alerts about potential network capacity problems, including network trending on all levels.