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Oracle® Communications Network Intelligence Concepts
Release 7.2.2

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This guide provides conceptual information about Oracle Communications Network Intelligence.


This guide is intended for:

  • Network planners and other domain experts who make decisions about the network planning and optimization process.

  • Systems integrators and any other individuals who are responsible for using or configuring Network Intelligence and ensuring that the software is operating in the manner required.

  • Developers who extend Network Intelligence to interface with external systems.

Related Documents

Network Intelligence Concepts is one book in the Oracle Communications Network Intelligence documentation set. For more information, refer to the following documents:

  • Network Intelligence Release Notes: Describes new features, fixes and enhancements to existing features, known issues, troubleshooting tips, and required third party products and licensing.

  • Network Intelligence Installation Guide: Provides instructions for installing Oracle Communications Network Intelligence.

  • Network Intelligence System Administrator's Guide: Describes administrative tasks such as starting and stopping Network Intelligence, managing security, and managing Network Intelligence.

  • Network Intelligence User's Guide: Provides information about how to use and configure Network Intelligence.

  • Network Intelligence Developer's Guide: Describes the architecture of Network Intelligence and explains how to customize reports and maps, extend the user interface, configure extensible attributes, configure security, populate the staging database, and load the database.

  • Network Intelligence Security Guide: Provides guidelines and recommendations for setting up Oracle Communications Network Intelligence in a secure configuration.

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Document Revision History

The following table lists the revision history for this guide:

Version Date Description
E17891-01 January 2013 7.2.2 GA release.
E17891-02 June 2013 Created and modified documentation for trail protection. See "About Protection Trails" for more information.
E17891-03 April 2014 Minor update to include depiction and description of a sub-card. See "About Network Elements" for more information.