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Oracle® Communications Network Intelligence User's Guide
Release 7.2.2

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11 Using Capacities

This section describes capacities in Oracle Communications Network Intelligence. A capacity is the bit rate in MB per second by which a trail is transmitted.

Using the Capacity Tree Browser

The capacity tree browser displays all capacities currently contained in the database, in separate folders for trail capacities and trail holder capacities.

Capacities are listed singly, in alphabetical order, in each folder. Double-click any capacity to view it.

Creating a Capacity

To create a capacity:

  1. Click Capacity on the context toolbar.

  2. Click the Create icon:

    Create icon

    The New Capacity window is displayed.

  3. Configure the capacity using the following values:

    • Name: The name of the new capacity. The name must be unique.

    • Technology: Select from the list of available technologies.

    • Capacity Type: Select trail capacity, or trail holder capacity.

    • Description: Enter a description of the capacity.

    • Mbps: Specify the number of MB per second by which a trail is transmitted.

    • Abbreviation: Enter a shortened version of the capacity name.

    • Standard Name: Enter the standard name used to identify this capacity.

  4. Click Save.