4 Configuring the Exalogic Machine and Setting Up the Exalogic vDC

This chapter describes the initial configuration tasks and the state of the Exalogic machine after running the Exalogic Configuration Utility.

This chapter contains the following topics:

4.1 Important Notes Before You Begin

Oracle recommends strongly that the following tasks be performed by fully trained, qualified Oracle personnel or by formally accredited Oracle partners. For more information, contact Oracle Advanced Customer Support (http://www.oracle.com/acs).

  • Verifying the system, network, and software before configuring your Exalogic machine

  • Configuring your Exalogic machine

  • Setting up the Virtualized Data Center (vDC) on your Exalogic machine

  • Bootstrapping the Exalogic Control cloud management environment

4.2 State of the Exalogic Machine After Running the ECU

After your Exalogic machine is configured using ECU, the state of your Exalogic machine is as follows:

  • Compute nodes, switches, and storage appliance configured with network interfaces

  • InfiniBand partitions configured for six networks created by ECU (one EoIB external management network, and five IPoIB administration networks)

  • Default Virtual Data Center (vDC) set up on Exalogic

  • Exalogic Control stack running on the machine

For information about the version numbers of the software and firmware included in various releases of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software, see the My Oracle Support document 1530781.1.


Starting from release of the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software, you can do the following:
  • Convert an Exalogic physical configuration—that is, all the compute nodes running Linux—to a hybrid configuration, where one half of the compute nodes run Oracle VM Server and serve as a virtualized data center, while the other nodes remain on Linux. While installing and configuring the Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software, you can choose the rack half (top or bottom) that should be virtual. For information about the supported hybrid configurations, see the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Release Notes.

  • Convert a hybrid configuration to a full-virtual configuration.

These conversions require reimaging the compute nodes from Oracle Linux to Oracle VM Server. For more information and support about conversion, contact Oracle Advanced Customer Support (http://www.oracle.com/acs).