This guide describes how to set up, administer and manage the Exalogic Elastic Cloud virtualized environment.

This preface contains the following sections:


This guide is intended for Oracle Exalogic customers who are interested in Exalogic machine and cloud administration.

It is assumed that the readers of this manual have knowledge of the following:

  • System administration concepts

  • Hardware and networking concepts

  • Virtualization concepts

  • API, web services, and programming concepts

Revision History

E25258-15 (October 2015)

E25258-14 (February 2015)

E25258-13 (April 2014)

Updated Table 5-1, "Exalogic Networks" with the default partition keys for X4-2 racks.

E25258-12 (March 2014)

Updated Appendix E, "Customizing Guest vServer Images" to make it clear that modifyjeos does not work for LVM-based templates.

E25258-11 (March 2014)

E25258-10 (December 2013)

Rebranded the guide for X4-2.

E25258-09 (December 2013)

E25258-08 (September 2013)

Updated Section 9.1.4, "Creating External EoIB Networks."

E25258-07 (September 2013)

E25258-06 (March 2013)

E25258-05 (February 2013)

Updated Section, "How High Availability Works for Guest vServers" to clarify the conditions when failed vServers are restarted on a different compute node.

E25258-04 (December 2012)

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