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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2: Performance Analyzer
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1.  Overview of the Performance Analyzer

2.  Performance Data

3.  Collecting Performance Data

4.  The Performance Analyzer Tool

5.  The er_print Command Line Performance Analysis Tool

6.  Understanding the Performance Analyzer and Its Data

7.  Understanding Annotated Source and Disassembly Data

8.  Manipulating Experiments

9.  Kernel Profiling


Numbers and Symbols
























call stack, Data Display, Left Pane
default alignment and depth in the Timeline tab, tlmode tl_mode
defined, Call Stacks and Program Execution
effect of tail-call optimization on, Tail-Call Optimization
in the Event tab, Data Display, Right Pane
in Timeline tab, Data Display, Left Pane
incomplete unwind, Incomplete Stack Unwinds
mapping addresses to program structure, Mapping Addresses to Program Structure
unwinding, Call Stacks and Program Execution
call stack fragment, Data Display, Left Pane
Call Tree tab, Data Display, Left Pane
callers-callees metrics
attributed, defined, Function-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed
displaying list of in er_print utility, cmetric_list
printing for a single function in er_print utility, csingle function_name [N]
printing in er_print utility, callers-callees
Callers-Callees tab
Data Display, Left Pane
Showing or Hiding Functions
clock-based profiling
accuracy of metrics, Comparisons of Timing Metrics
collecting data in dbx, profile option
collecting data with the collect command, -p option
comparison with gethrtime and gethrvtime, Comparisons of Timing Metrics
data in profile packet, Clock-Based Profiling
default metrics, Data Display, Left Pane
defined, Clock-based Profiling Under the Solaris OS
distortion due to overheads, Accuracy of Timing Metrics
See profiling interval
Clock-based Profiling Under the Solaris OS
Clock-Based Profiling
cloned functions
Cloned Functions
Cloned Functions
Cloned Functions
collect command
-o option, -o experiment_name
archiving (-A) option, -A option
clock-based profiling (-p) option, -p option
collecting data with, Collecting Data Using the collect Command
data collection options, Data Collection Options
data limit (-L) option, -L size
data race detection (-r) option, -r option
dry run (-n) option
-C comment
experiment control options, Experiment Control Options
experiment directory (-d) option, -d directory-name
experiment group (-g) option, -g group-name
experiment name (-o) option, -O file
follow descendant processes (-F) option, -F option
hardware counter overflow profiling (-h) option, -h counter_definition_1...[,counter_definition_n]
heap tracing (-H) option, -H option
-I option, -I directory
Java version (-j) option, -j option
listing the options of, Collecting Data Using the collect Command
collect command
--M option, -M option
collect command
miscellaneous options, Other Options
collect command
MPI tracing (-m) option, -m option
collect command
-N option, -N library_name
output options, Output Options
-P option, -P process_id
pause and resume data recording (-y) option, -y signal[ ,r]
periodic sampling (-S) option, -S option
readme display (-R) option, -R
record count data (-c) option, -c option
record sample point (-l) option, -l signal
stop target after exec (-x) option, -x
synchronization wait tracing (-s) option, -s option
syntax, Collecting Data Using the collect Command
collect command
time range for data collection (-t) option, -t duration
collect command
verbose (-v) option, -v
version (-V) option, -V
with ppgsz command, Using collect With ppgsz
Collect Experiment, Preview command, Recording Experiments from Analyzer
API, using in your program
Program Control of Data Collection
The Java Interface
attaching to a running process, Collecting Data From a Running Process With dbx on Solaris Platforms
The Collector Tool
What Data the Collector Collects
disabling in dbx, disable
enabling in dbx, enable
running in dbx, To Run the Collector From dbx:
running with the collect command, Collecting Data Using the collect Command
collectorAPI.h, The Java Interface
as part of C and C++ interface to collector, The C and C++ Interface
common subexpression elimination, Compiler Commentary
compiler commentary, Data Display, Left Pane
classes defined, scc com_spec
cloned functions, Cloned Functions
common subexpression elimination, Compiler Commentary
description of, Compiler Commentary
filtering in er_src utility, -{cc,scc,dcc} com-spec
filtering types displayed, Compiler Commentary
inlined functions, Compiler Commentary
loop optimizations, Compiler Commentary
parallelizaton, Compiler Commentary
selecting for annotated disassembly listing in er_print utility, dcc com_spec
selecting for annotated source and disassembly listing in er_print utility, cc com_spec
selecting for annotated source listing in er_print utility, scc com_spec
compiler-generated body functions
displayed by the Performance Analyzer
Compiler-Generated Body Functions
Compiler-Generated Body Functions
names, Compiler-Generated Body Functions
compiler optimization
inlining, Compiler Commentary
parallelization, Compiler Commentary
affects of optimization on program analysis, Optimization at Compile Time
debug symbol information format, Source Code Information
effect of static linking on data collection, Static Linking
for Lines analyses, Source Code Information
Java programming language, Compiling Java Programs
linking for data collection, Static Linking
source code for annotated Source and Disassembly, Source Code Information
static linking of libraries, Static Linking
copying an experiment, Copying Experiments With the er_cp Utility
correlation, effect on metrics, Accuracy of Timing Metrics
CPU filtering, CPU Selection
listing selected, in er_print utility, cpu_list
selecting in er_print utility, cpu_select cpu_spec