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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2: OpenMP API User's Guide
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1.  Introducing the OpenMP API

2.  Compiling and Running OpenMP Programs

3.  Implementation-Defined Behaviors

4.  Nested Parallelism

5.  Tasking

6.  Automatic Scoping of Variables

6.1 The Autoscoping Data Scope Clause

6.1.1 __auto Clause

6.1.2 default(__auto) Clause

6.2 Scoping Rules for a Parallel Construct

6.2.1 Scoping Rules For Scalar Variables

6.2.2 Scoping Rules for Arrays

6.3 Scoping Rules for a task Construct

6.3.1 Scoping Rules for Scalar Variables

6.3.2 Scoping Rules for Arrays

6.4 General Comments About Autoscoping

6.5 Restrictions

6.6 Checking the Results of Autoscoping

6.7 Autoscoping Examples

7.  Scope Checking

8.  Performance Considerations

A.  Placement of Clauses on Directives

B.  Converting to OpenMP


6.2 Scoping Rules for a Parallel Construct

Under automatic scoping, the compiler applies the following rules to determine the scope of a variable in a parallel construct.

These rules do not apply to variables scoped implicitly by the OpenMP specification, such as loop index variables of worksharing DO or FOR loops.

6.2.1 Scoping Rules For Scalar Variables

When autoscoping a scalar variable that is referenced in a parallel construct and that does not have predetermined or implicitly determined scope, the compiler checks the use of the variable against the following rules PS1-PS3 in the given order.

6.2.2 Scoping Rules for Arrays