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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2: C User's Guide
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1.  Introduction to the C Compiler

1.1 What's New in Version 5.11 Solaris Studio 12 Update 2 Release

1.2 Special x86 Notes

1.3 Binary Compatibility Verification

1.4 Compiling for 64-Bit Platforms

1.5 Standards Conformance

1.6 C Readme File

1.7 Man Pages

1.8 Organization of the Compiler

1.9 C-Related Programming Tools

2.  C-Compiler Implementation-Specific Information

3.  Parallelizing C Code

4.  lint Source Code Checker

5.  Type-Based Alias Analysis

6.  Transitioning to ISO C

7.  Converting Applications for a 64-Bit Environment

8.  cscope: Interactively Examining a C Program

A.  Compiler Options Grouped by Functionality

B.  C Compiler Options Reference

C.  Implementation-Defined ISO/IEC C99 Behavior

D.  Supported Features of C99

E.  Implementation-Defined ISO/IEC C90 Behavior

F.  ISO C Data Representations

G.  Performance Tuning

H.  The Differences Between K&R Solaris Studio C and Solaris Studio ISO C


1.1 What's New in Version 5.11 Solaris Studio 12 Update 2 Release

Note the following new and changed features in the current C compiler release.

ABI Change Requires Recompilation: A change to the C compiler corrects the way structs containing complex types are passed and returned on SPARC processors in 64-bit mode. Previously, these struct values were sometimes passed and returned in the wrong registers, creating binaries that were incompatible with binaries created by gcc. Because this change affects elements of the existing ABI as implemented in the C compiler, if any source file in an application uses structs with complex fields, the entire source base for the application must be recompiled to avoid the possibility of wrong answers. Compiling for 32-bit SPARC processors, and 32-bit or 64-bit x86 processors, is not affected by this change.