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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 Discover and Uncover User's Guide
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1.  Introduction

2.  Sun Memory Error Discovery Tool (Discover)

3.  Code Coverage Tool (Uncover)

Requirements for Using Uncover

Using Uncover

Instrumenting the Binary

Running the Instrumented Binary

Generating and Viewing the Coverage Report


Understanding the Coverage Report in the Performance Analyzer

The Functions Tab

The Uncoverage Counter

The Function Count Counter

The Instr Exec Counter

The Block Covered % Counter

The Instr Covered % Counter

The Source Tab

The Disassembly Tab

The Inst-Freq Tab

Understanding the ASCII Coverage Report

Understanding the HTML Coverage Report

Limitations When Using Uncover

Only Annotated Code Can Be Instrumented

Machine Instructions Might Differ From Source Code


Understanding the HTML Coverage Report

The HTML report is similar to the report displayed in the Performance Analyzer.

image:HTML coverage report

If you click the function name link or the trimmed link for a function, the disassembly data for that function is displayed.

image:Disassembly display

If you click the Caller-callee link for a function, the Caller-Callee data is displayed.

image:Caller-Callee display