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What's New In The Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 Release
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1.  Introducing The Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 Release

2.  Compilers

3.  Libraries

4.  Performance Analysis Tools

5.  Debugging Tools

6.  The Solaris Studio IDE

7.  Other Tools

8.  Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds in This Release


Issues Common To The Compilers

Known problems related to --xprofile


Correct Interpretation of Large Decimal Integer Constants

Ambiguity: Constructor Call or Pointer-to-Function

Template Syntax Error is No Longer Ignored

Linking Fails If You Combine -xipo or -xcrossfile With -instances=static

Cross-Language Linking Error

Name Mangling Linking Problems

Debugging Tools Erroneously Report Extra Leading Parameter for Member Functions

No Support For Referencing a Non-Global Namespace Object From a Template

#pragma align Inside Namespace Requires Mangled Names

Function Overload Resolution


Array Intrinsic Functions Use Global Registers:

F95 Modules in Archive Libraries Not Included In Executable:



Known dbx issues and Workarounds

dbx Limitations and Incompatibilities

Performance Analyzer


dmake Limitations



Chapter 8

Known Problems, Limitations, and Workarounds in This Release

Here are some of the known issues at the time of this release, and information about how to work around these problems.