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Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2: Simple Performance Optimization Tool (SPOT) User's Guide
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1.  The Simple Performance Optimization Tool (SPOT)


Requirements for Using SPOT

Supported Platforms

Binaries Must Be Prepared Correctly

The Architecture of SPOT

2.  Running SPOT on Your Application

3.  Understanding SPOT Reports



The role of SPOT is complementary to running the application under the Oracle Solaris Studio Performance Analyzer, and looking at the resulting experiment. The profile generated by the Analyzer tells you where the time was spent in running your application. In certain situations, however, you may not be able to diagnose your application's problems just by examining its profile.

Some problems that cannot easily be solved by inspecting the application profile are:

While you might be able to identify the causes of these issues by looking at the application's profile and running additional tools, you might not know what tools are available or which specific tool to use.

SPOT simplifies the process of performance analysis by running an application under a common set of tools and producing HTML reports of its findings, which provides the following benefits: