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#include <coherence/lang/lang_spec.hpp>

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template<class I1 = void, class I2 = void, class I3 = void, class I4 = void, class I5 = void, class I6 = void, class I7 = void, class I8 = void, class I9 = void, class I10 = void, class I11 = void, class I12 = void, class I13 = void, class I14 = void, class I15 = void, class I16 = void>
class coherence::lang::implements< I1, I2, I3, I4, I5, I6, I7, I8, I9, I10, I11, I12, I13, I14, I15, I16 >

The implements template specifies a list of interfaces which a class or interface specification derives from.

Each interface will be virtually inherited by specified class or interface. Up to sixteen interfaces are supported, in the case where more are required, they can be specified using an interface_link chain. i.e.

 implements<I1, ..., I15, interface_link<I16, interface_link<I17> > >

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