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throwable_spec Class Template Reference

#include <coherence/lang/throwable_spec.hpp>

Inherits class_spec< T, E, I >.

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Detailed Description

template<class T, class E, class I = implements<>, class H = typename E::inherited::hierarchy>
class coherence::lang::throwable_spec< T, E, I, H >

Helper for defining a throwable managed class.

It addition to the features auto-generated by the class_spec<> helper template throwable_spec<> auto-generates an implementation of "raise() const" which (re)throws the exception as a View.

A normal throwable class definition would be:

 class MyException
   : public throwable_spec<MyException,
       extends<SomeOtherException, std::exception> >
   // add support for auto-generated static create methods
   friend class factory<MyException>;

       // Constructors are defined as protected, and access via
       // auto-generated create methods, with matching signatures
       MyException(String::View vsMessage = String::null_string,
                   Exception::View vCause = NULL)
           : super(vsMessage, vCause)

The extends template class for throwables is used to define an alias exception in the std::exception hierarchy, via a second template parameter. When thrown the resulting throwable can be caught by its View type hierarchy or by its std::exception hierarchy. This parameter is optional and defaults to the alias type of the parent exception.

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Public Types

typedef throwable_spec this_spec
 Specification definition.
typedef throwable_spec super
 Definition T's parent class.
typedef class_spec
< T, E, I > 
 Definition of the spec's parent class.
typedef E::alias alias
 Alias into std::exception hierarchy.
typedef class_spec
< T, E, I >::View 
 View definition.

Public Member Functions

virtual void raise () const

Protected Member Functions

 throwable_spec ()
 Generate a set of proxy constructors matching the signatures of the parent class's constructors.


class  bridge
 bridge joins two hierarchy types into a single type. More...
class  hierarchy
 The hierarchy class wraps the Coherence C++ Exception classes in a object that preserves their hierarchical structure. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

throwable_spec (  )  [inline, protected]

Generate a set of proxy constructors matching the signatures of the parent class's constructors.

NOTE: Compilation errors referencing this line likely indicate that class being defined by this spec makes calls a "super" constructor supplying a set of parameters for which there is no exact match on the parent class.

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