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ConcurrentMap::LockBlock Class Reference

#include <coherence/util/ConcurrentMap.hpp>

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Detailed Description

The LockBlock allows for easy creation of ConcurrentMap::lock code.

It's used on conjunction with the COH_CACHE_LOCK macros.

Public Member Functions

 LockBlock (ConcurrentMap::Handle hMap, Object::View vKey, bool fTryLock, int64_t cWait=-1L)
 Construct a LockBlock that will lock the supplied map.
 LockBlock (const LockBlock &that)
 Copy constructor used by the COH_CACHE_LOCK macros.
 ~LockBlock ()
 Destroy an LockBlock object, exiting the associated map.
 operator bool () const
 Boolean conversion for the COH_CACHE_LOCK macros.

Protected Attributes

ConcurrentMap::Handle m_hMap
 Map to lock and unlock.
const Object::View m_vKey
 Key to lock and unlock in the associated Map.
const bool m_fTryLock
 Flag describing the type of lock being used.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LockBlock ( ConcurrentMap::Handle  hMap,
Object::View  vKey,
bool  fTryLock,
int64_t  cWait = -1L 

Construct a LockBlock that will lock the supplied map.

hMap the map to lock
vKey the Key to lock int he map
cWait the number of milliseconds to continue trying to obtain a lock; pass zero to return immediately; pass -1 to block the calling thread until the lock could be obtained

Member Function Documentation

operator bool (  )  const

Boolean conversion for the COH_CACHE_LOCK macros.

true if it's a time based lock and false if no

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